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Dentistry From The Heart - Carolinas Dental Center, December 2013

Joey's Journey - Change Someone's LifeJoey’s Journey – Help Us Give Back and Change Someone’s Life

Every holiday season we at Carolinas Dental Center will pick a special person or organization to try to help them in their fundraising efforts.

This year, at Carolinas Dental Center, we picked a special person to try to help in his fundraising for new legs. From the mountains of Romania, Joey Funderburk was given up for adoption by his mother at a young age. While pregnant, Joey’s mom was taking the drug Thalidamide, which is an anti-nausea medication known to cause birth defects. It has been outlawed in the USA since the 1950s. Due to the medication, Joey’s legs never developed properly.

A loving family here in the Charlotte area adopted Joey and are having trouble coming up with a solution. The family’s insurance has denied their claim, informing them that they will only provide new legs when there has been a change in Joey’s medical condition. Since the issue stems from his growth and not from a medical condition, they have had two appeals denied.

Joey is now 25 lbs. over the weight limit for his present set of legs, which were designed several years ago. He is falling almost daily, and his doctor informed the family that it is very dangerous for Joey to continue using the legs that were designed for someone much smaller. Fortunately, the family is very grateful that he has yet to get seriously injured from the falls. However, when his knees let go he falls backward and cannot catch himself.

Joey and his family will be responsible for $120,000 to cover a new set of prosthetic legs. Joey himself has already raised half of the amount, $60,000, which will cover one leg. It was our goal here at Carolinas Dental Center to try to raise enough to help Joey reach his goal and get both of his new legs as soon as possible!

Carolina's Dental Center - Special EventWe are very fortunate to have over 3,000 patients that we call family at Carolinas Dental Center. Fun fact: If everyone donated $20, we would be able to fulfill Joey’s wish and provide him with the remaining amount of $60,000!

As you know, we love to reward and give back. For anyone who donated $50 or more, Dr. Phelps and Dr. Grimes matched their amount toward a dental credit on their account. Anyone who donated $100 or more was entered into a drawing for a new iPad Mini™.

In the spring of 2013, we partnered with Grace’s Lamp the charity established by Joey and his family to help families adopt children, go on missions, and get the medical treatment that they need. We were able to raise $5,000 toward Joey’s new legs!

Thank you to all of our patients who contributed to this effort!
First Annual Waxhaw Patient Appreciation Party

Several happy patients had some nice things to say
about Carolinas Dental Center.

Patient Paul Robinson
Lucky winner of an iPad Mini,
at our Waxhaw Patient Appreciation Party 2012.
Carolinas Dental Center - Christmas 2012On Thursday, November 29th, 2012, Carolinas Dental Center of Matthews participated in the Presbyterian Hospital Matthews Festival of Trees. This annual community event creates a festive atmosphere and captures the holiday spirit in the eyes of both young and old! Carolinas Dental Center donated their tree to the Presbyterian Hospital Foundation. The CDC tree, along with others that were donated, was auctioned this evening during the “Lighting of the Trees” silent auction to benefit the Presbyterian Hospital Foundation in support of hospital and community projects.

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